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A Fog Cannon™ is your proactive self-defence unit that chases criminals away before they create financial and mental harm to you and your employees. With more than 100,000 units installed the past 20 years we are a trusted partner for some of the largest retail chains in the world and thousands of independent retailers.

Fight back with fog in just seconds

Rapid payback – Quickly back in business


100% harmless – Sleep well

Large product range – Suits every environment

We protect your petrol station, kiosk or convenience store

Criminals can cost you a fortune unless you actively chase them away. In the daytime, they can attempt an armed robbery and threaten the cashiers, and at night, they can shatter shop windows or force security doors open.

The insurance may cover stolen goods and items, but not the profits you lose because you have to close to repair the damage. It also does not cover when customers go to a competitor because you are waiting for new stock and repairs.

Police or security guards may show up late or not at all, but with a PROTECT Fog Cannon® you can strike back and chase the burglars and robbers away before the damage happens. Therefore, you can open the store faster and generate turnover again, plus your employees will feel safe and secure at all times.

A Fog Cannon™ thus secures your business better and costs a fraction of a guard.

The number of burglaries and attempts halved

After securing their stores with Fog Cannons from PROTECT, 7-Eleven reduced break-in attempts by 49%. The owner of the stores saves both “down-time” and money – and their insurance company even rewarded them with a lower premium.

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